Tesla : the forgotten hero

27 06 2009

Let me ask you a very stupid question – Have you ever heard the name Edison.
Let me guess your first reaction: “Come on man, who doesn’t know Edison?”
Then you think again, “You mean Thomas Alva Edison, right?”

Yes, Thomas Alva Edison ….world remember him as the greatest inventor with the likes of incandescent lamp, phonograph, cement making technology, motion picture camera, DC motors and electric power generation systems, battery ,carbon microphone & many more under his belt. He patented even more. And how can we be ignorant about someone who appeared in our lessons when we were in school (we had a lesson on him in both English & Hindi …& articles in many science texts!)

Now let me ask you – Have you ever heard the name Tesla.
A minority would say: “Yeah, another scientist!”
May be because you have heard it as the SI unit measuring magnetic flux density or magnetic induction (commonly known as the magnetic field “B”).That was in the honor of Nikola Tesla, a great inventor from Croatia who later became an American citizen.
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RTI act : a step forward to true SWARAJ

25 06 2009

rti imgRTI Act, 2005 is the most phenomenal change that the Government has ever brought in the history of independent India. The act empowers the common man to seek the reasons for delays or negligence in public work & welfare by Government agencies. The RTI ( Right To Information Act ) has come out to be as the most potent weapon for all sections of society to come up with conviction & take on the most powerful. Gone are the days when you couldn’t ask an official to explain the reason why he is not being given the ration card, or why did an honest policeman got transferred for no reasons known! All the Government Institutions are answerable to the common man’s queries & is liable to answer back within a given time period.
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‘Psycho’ in real life : inspired from reel life!!

22 06 2009

What came out to be an astonishing case of  cheating the law & order in the most bizzare manner,now actually seems to be inspired from a movie!

Thomas Prusik-Parkin, of Park Slope Brooklyn, New York is accused of  being the master mind of $115,000 (£70,633) scam [$52,000 in Social Security checks and $39,000 in social services rent supplements in a six year scheme that also involves deed and mortgage fraud] for which he dressed up like his dead mother & lived in her shoes for six years until he was caught last week when he turned up in his mother’s disguise to renew her Driver’s license!
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Who said Indian Cricketers are not naughty!!!

21 06 2009

Here’s something that came up when i was going through the album of  one of my friends on Orkut.Its one thing that the pic is funny enough to steal your attention ,what caught  me more were the comments that other users have posted!Here’s that pic for you (with my friends permission off course):

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June 21 : World Music Day

21 06 2009

Hello …i never knew their was a day in the whole year that was dedicated to music & music lovers.I came to know about this when i was watching TV the other day & saw all day long music specials in the Rosebowl channel.

Just out of curiosity i googled to know more about its origin & came up with this that i would love to share with all the music lovers out there!
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7 days

19 06 2009

Its now exactly a week since i started this blog.And its been a nice start with around 80 hits till now which i consider as a decent start & i hope to keep it updated as frequently as possible.It all started when i was asked to create a blog by Aravind of CS-A to participate in the blogging contest going on in our college.Though i created a blog i never registered for the contest…i dont know what pulled me back but i cant convince myself to take the pain & register for it.

Anyway,I myself am amazed by the extent to which i am hooked to blogging now! The slightest change in the blog stats give me the most satisfying pleasure & i feel my existence being honoured….(ooh thats so philosophical of me…!!)

Well…on the 7th day, i am rechristening  it to ‘ La Aventure Ambiguë ‘ which is inspired from a novel of the same name by Cheikh Hamidou Kane,a Senegalese writer.It means ‘ambiguous adventure’ & that is how i would like to describe my venture into blogging.


Out of my previous 5 posts 2 are tech related & i suppose that this trend will be my weakness as it is one of my greatest passion & i can write a lot on that.But i’ll try my best to keep it as broad as possible.

Thank you, Lord!

Geek’s Arsenal

18 06 2009


Well here are a few tools that make you different from others .For those who aspire to be a geek:

Dont hang around with apps in which everyone has proved his expertise.Popular apps for day to day use like Internet explorer,Windows media player,Adobe reader etc which are clad with cute interface & out of the world features that no one ever uses but are resourse hungry (eat up your RAM) & slow down your system!They are meant for kids & not for a geek like you!
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