What is their fault?

13 06 2009

We are all aware of the recent news about mass culling of stray dogs in kerala.The New Indian Express Cochin edition reported on May 15th that the Aluva Municipal Council will start indiscriminate killing of all stray dogs from Tuesday (19.05.09) onwards.

mass culling of dogs is under scrutiny

mass culling of dogs is under scrutiny

The government, local Environment & Forest Department and the representatives of the government entrusted with PROTECTING the wild life and animals are themselves flouting the laws.

This inhumane treatment of animals is totally unacceptable in today’s society.It is NOT DIFFICULT to treat animals kindly, there are humane ways of dealing with stray animal populations. As humans, we should know better. The lack of compassion and disregard to the capacity of these animals to suffer that is shown in Kerala makes me ashamed to be human.

from a tv report   courtesy Asianet

from a tv report courtesy Asianet

If this is the price India is willing to pay for its ecomomical rise, then it is way too high. Where have sustained massacres of those we deny the right to live ever been a solution ? History books are full of past such atrocities we all shudder to contemplate. Accounts of our time will one day make sad teaching to future children, who will grow up with the images of billions of animal eyes staring uncomprehendingly, pleadingly, innocently at the camera that documents their martyrdom at the bloodied hands of man.




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