Recovering permanently deleted files

15 06 2009

It all began when i intentionally deleted the .nrg (image file) of my brother’s NFS (Need 4 speed) profile cause he was playing the game for long hours & i lose my chance to do any thing productive.This enraged him so much that he avenged it by permanently deleting (shft+del) my high school farewell photographs.This was the beginning of World war III ! When i got my cool back,I was all too sad for my snaps.But then I knew what to do:

The Inside Story :
Firstly we must understand that no data is permanently deleted from the harddisk but is kept safe in a free memory area, stored in case you change your mind and need your file back.What gets deleted is the link pointing towards the file, so if you would compare a file to a book page, deleting the file does not tear the page out of the book, but rather deletes the page’s index from the table of contents, represented by the file system here.
But, as the hard disk space is limited,all the data that you delete keepon piling up in the free memory area & a time will come when there’s no more space available . What the operating system does in such a case is overwrite the old deleted files with newer deleted files, so there’s a certain time limit in which you could recover your lost data. For example, if you deleted a file from your hard drive a year ago, the chances are slim that you’ll find it intact. Instead, if you deleted it yesterday there’s no chance it got overwritten.

What To Do:
There are a whole lot of file recovery softwares available on web,many of which are freewares (good news).The one i suggest is Undelete Plus 2.98.There are newer versions available but they require regiatration but do almost the same thing,so this one will save you time.
You can get it from
1) Run the setup(.exe) file & follow the easy instructions to install the app.
2) You can scan specific drives if you know where your file was initially by        checking the appropriate box in left

Main window

Main window

3) There is a filter option where u can give more info about the file to quickly find the file.

Filter window

Filter window

4) To recover file : check on the corresponding box(s) & clic k on the ‘Start  Undelete’ tab at the top.(Check status: overwritten files can’t be recovered as mentioned above)
There is also a preview pane at the bottom.
You can find more recovery softwares on




2 responses

25 06 2009

Thanks for that …Vineeth

26 06 2009

my pleasure bhaiyya!!

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