7 days

19 06 2009

Its now exactly a week since i started this blog.And its been a nice start with around 80 hits till now which i consider as a decent start & i hope to keep it updated as frequently as possible.It all started when i was asked to create a blog by Aravind of CS-A to participate in the blogging contest going on in our college.Though i created a blog i never registered for the contest…i dont know what pulled me back but i cant convince myself to take the pain & register for it.

Anyway,I myself am amazed by the extent to which i am hooked to blogging now! The slightest change in the blog stats give me the most satisfying pleasure & i feel my existence being honoured….(ooh thats so philosophical of me…!!)

Well…on the 7th day, i am rechristening  it to ‘ La Aventure Ambiguë ‘ which is inspired from a novel of the same name by Cheikh Hamidou Kane,a Senegalese writer.It means ‘ambiguous adventure’ & that is how i would like to describe my venture into blogging.


Out of my previous 5 posts 2 are tech related & i suppose that this trend will be my weakness as it is one of my greatest passion & i can write a lot on that.But i’ll try my best to keep it as broad as possible.

Thank you, Lord!




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21 07 2009


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