‘Psycho’ in real life : inspired from reel life!!

22 06 2009

What came out to be an astonishing case of  cheating the law & order in the most bizzare manner,now actually seems to be inspired from a movie!

Thomas Prusik-Parkin, of Park Slope Brooklyn, New York is accused of  being the master mind of $115,000 (£70,633) scam [$52,000 in Social Security checks and $39,000 in social services rent supplements in a six year scheme that also involves deed and mortgage fraud] for which he dressed up like his dead mother & lived in her shoes for six years until he was caught last week when he turned up in his mother’s disguise to renew her Driver’s license!

The imposters caught on the surveillance camera

The imposters caught on the surveillance camera


This actually reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho in which a young motel proprietor dresses up like his dead mother.But that was due to mental troubles but here it’s actually a very sophisticated & planned deception! Also,reminds  me of an old ‘Steptoe and Son’ episode where the old man dressed up as his long dead wife to collect her pension every week.

Official report suggest that he dressed up like his mother,Irene Prusik using a superb wig,efficient make-up & old fashioned dresses & dared to walk into Government establishments to attain benifits for elderly people like renewing his mother’s driving license,accepting Senior citizen’s pension & other benifits.


Thomas Prusik,49

Thomas Prusik,49

Prusik-Parkin, 49, is accused of giving a funeral director the wrong Social Security number and date of birth for his mother Irene Prusik so that her death would not be registered in government databases.After making sure her death would not be accurately recorded, Thomas began collecting $700 (£430) a month in Social Security in her name, in addition to his own disability checks.He also got some company in the form of a relative named Mhilton Rimolo who accomponied him everywhere as Irene’s nephew to help ‘her’ walk and talk as she turned up for appointments.


Appears to be a cool idea?….Think again: Prusik-Parkin was arrested last week and charged with grand larceny, forgery and conspiracy charges linked to a deed and mortgage fraud scheme. This could get him into jail in no time with solid evidences against him!




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