The Mongoose Way

25 07 2009

The Mongoose range

The Mongoose range

There is a new breed of cricket bat that is making news these days- named instinctively as the MONGOOSE.The blade has been thickened by almost 50% ,the handle length increased to 17.5” from the usual 11.5”,& the splice of the bat going into the handle ! ( whereas a tradition bat has its splice going into the blade) .The bat is said to be tailor-made for T-20 format where entertainment is guaranteed as the bat has been recognised as revolutionary by many experts.And guess what-the bat has been approved by the MCC.( “The MCC Laws sub-committee has confirmed that the Mongoose bats are legal and allowed to be used in all levels of cricket. They conform to the new version of Law 6 and Appendix E, which came into force on 1st October 2008″)

Comparison :

………………………………… Mongoose …………………… Usual

Mongoose vs the orthodox bat

Mongoose vs the orthodox bat

Blade                                  15                             22 Handle                             17.5                           11.5 Blade thickness                  1.25                            .75 Length                                33                              33

The entire bat is now stronger & sturdier with the enhanced handle & blade that amplifies the swing, so as a result, almost any time you pierce the infield, even with a gentle push, the ball will rocket to the boundary. There is little to no need for the splice of the bat, particularly in 20:20 where the backward defensive is a non-existent shot. Indeed, tests undertaken at Imperial College London showed that only 2/1000 shots were played off the splice when the ball was fired from a machine at 90mph at a player in the nets.

Stuart Law with the Mongoose

Stuart Law with the Mongoose

The Mongose made its first-class debut in the Twenty20 Cup as Derbyshire’s Stuart Law took on the Durham attack on 26th may.Law called for the bat in the middle of the innings & swinged the bat on full glory for six on its debut. But this bat,if it replaces the traditional cricket bat,threatens to create an imbalance between the bat & the ball.The fielders will find it utterly difficult to get even a view of the ball as the reaction time will be reduced considerably. The entire bat is now larger than the middle of the average bat, so eventually almost any time you pierce the infield, even with a gentle push, the ball will rocket to the boundary. There has been talk of batsman being able to change to a Mongoose for powerplay overs, for instance, which the MCC have said may be contrary to the spirit of the game. With there currently being much debate about the supremacy of batting over bowling already,introducing Mongoose will only come up as a spoilsport.  But the MCC & a few experts think otherwise.With the batsman having only half a bat,even a slight miss could turn out to be a thick edge & connecting bat & ball will turn out to be tricky at times! Defending the ball will become the toughest job for a batsman.So fast bowlers & class spinners think they have got a chance here,while for medium pacers …..i don’t know! For more info, check out :




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