Lucky Ali : the soul soother

26 09 2009

lucky-ali-2Lucky Ali,the charming voice of his made him my favrite in no time.I admire the freshness and originality of his tracks and I prefer listening to his music to destress.
There is something mysterious in his ballad style tracks that keep me spellbound and I realise lately that I am also humming side by side. The lyrics are simple yet so soothing and I could always find one to suit my mood.I can’t tell you how much I like the instrument called Guitar,and I think nobody can make music out of it the way Lucky do.
There is no rush in the flow and and the serenity in each line is as soft as silk.My favrites include
– Anjaani rahon mein
-O sanam
-Behti nadi
-Kabhi aisa lagta hai
-Nahi rakhta dil mein
-Dekha hai aise bhi
-Tere mere saath jo hota hai

The list is incomplete though.These are only a few from his superb albums like Sifar,Aks,Meri jaan hindustan etc.

Lucky Ali lately tried his luck in acting too.After all he is the son of the legendry comedian Mehmood.But I personally feel that he should do what he does better….making music.Its been quite a long time since his last album and the wait has been too long for die-hard fans like me.But one thing that still amazes me is that many people still don’t recognise him.When I sang one of his songs in a college function,everybody asked who’s the artist.I strongly believe that he has not got the recognition that a guy like him deserves.luckyali-sifar




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