The Mongoose Way

25 07 2009
The Mongoose range

The Mongoose range

There is a new breed of cricket bat that is making news these days- named instinctively as the MONGOOSE.The blade has been thickened by almost 50% ,the handle length increased to 17.5” from the usual 11.5”,& the splice of the bat going into the handle ! ( whereas a tradition bat has its splice going into the blade) .The bat is said to be tailor-made for T-20 format where entertainment is guaranteed as the bat has been recognised as revolutionary by many experts.And guess what-the bat has been approved by the MCC.( “The MCC Laws sub-committee has confirmed that the Mongoose bats are legal and allowed to be used in all levels of cricket. They conform to the new version of Law 6 and Appendix E, which came into force on 1st October 2008″)
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Tribute to the lil genius from Nagpur

22 07 2009

lil masterHere are a few pickings from the cricketers around the world on the lord of cricket in India(where cricket is a religion) – Sachin Tendulkar


1)”Sachin is cricket’s God”
– Barry Richards


2)”I have seen God. He bats at number 4 for India”
– Mathew Hayden

3)”Sachin Tendulkar is a genius. I’m a mere mortal”
– Brian Lara
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Who said Indian Cricketers are not naughty!!!

21 06 2009

Here’s something that came up when i was going through the album of  one of my friends on Orkut.Its one thing that the pic is funny enough to steal your attention ,what caught  me more were the comments that other users have posted!Here’s that pic for you (with my friends permission off course):

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