Y i go nuts wen m online ???

25 12 2009

Now,thats something I am truly amazed about because I am a kind of reserved guy who takes time to really open up.But thats not the case when I am online…I would become as talkative as anyone else out there and feel much more free than in person.One of the reasons I’ve figured out recently is that being on the web, I am miles away from the guy I am talking to and that instills some automatic confidence into me. People who have met me in person, often say that that they really don’t believe  that its the same me when I am chatting with them on the internet.
I feel more confident because I have enough time to follow up a conversation and really come up with a good talk …there’s no fear of losing your mind or running out of words.Also, you weigh your thoughts before airing it.

But more often than not, I’ve seen people getting confused as virtual conversations, unlike face to face talks, are little more prone to misunderstandings.People can really take you in the wrong sense as words cant express emotions (though emotIcons are a great aid but they also have got their limits).Such situations can really get worse if one of the two people has got even the slightest of ego problems.I myself have gone through such situations and I can’t tell u how hard reconciliation is !

There are also chances that someone may be spying on you while being your best online buddy- it could be your freakishly brute boss, your untrustful wife or your butt-headed head-master.So you have to be careful with that too!

Honesty on the internet is another big problem.You can’t believe in complete strangers and soaring statistics of cyber crime makes it clear that if you are way too innocent then chances are that you could end up being fooled almost 7 out of 10 times.

Though I am happy that Internet has made it easy for people like me to open up more easily and socially more active, I would really like it if I could come up the same way in real life.Thats where it really matters and thats what you should really aim at.I am ashamed to admit that it took me the help of Orkut to really get close to people around me.But I am also happy that atleast I did so in that way!!
Please share your views and suggestions 🙂

Why did God create evil

22 08 2009

One thing that come in often in my thoughts (mostly when i am disturbed or feeling somber) is that ‘why did God create evil?’….
Just imagine a world with no evil (i know thats a tough job,but still..)..how nice it would have been-no fights,no crime,no bullying…the list goes on (i think there are more evil things than good-ah!what a pessimist i am).This particular question always made me feel uneasy,as if it was the most important thing on my list;but i couldn’t find a satisfying answer until last night when i read Paulo Coelho’s ‘The alchemist’.
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7 days

19 06 2009

Its now exactly a week since i started this blog.And its been a nice start with around 80 hits till now which i consider as a decent start & i hope to keep it updated as frequently as possible.It all started when i was asked to create a blog by Aravind of CS-A to participate in the blogging contest going on in our college.Though i created a blog i never registered for the contest…i dont know what pulled me back but i cant convince myself to take the pain & register for it.

Anyway,I myself am amazed by the extent to which i am hooked to blogging now! The slightest change in the blog stats give me the most satisfying pleasure & i feel my existence being honoured….(ooh thats so philosophical of me…!!)

Well…on the 7th day, i am rechristening  it to ‘ La Aventure Ambiguë ‘ which is inspired from a novel of the same name by Cheikh Hamidou Kane,a Senegalese writer.It means ‘ambiguous adventure’ & that is how i would like to describe my venture into blogging.


Out of my previous 5 posts 2 are tech related & i suppose that this trend will be my weakness as it is one of my greatest passion & i can write a lot on that.But i’ll try my best to keep it as broad as possible.

Thank you, Lord!

Decide for yourself

14 06 2009

I think its really necessary that when you venture into something make sure that you really want to do it.I mean don’t do it just because its popular or don’t do it under pressure.

Just take for example,my decision to take up engineering for higher studies was entirely my own and was my ambition ever since i learnt to spell it! But thats not the same for all of us down here…i mean many of them in my college are here because of parental pressure or as it offers a decent living afterwards.At the end of it…they end up with supplimentaries & Redo.

My point is that the chances of succeeding is maximum when you are into it with your heart and soul.It all depends on the choices you make in your life.Its really bad when you look back and feel sorry for not doing what you always wanted to.