Act Of God

28 12 2009

He was not able to tell why but that night seemed to be distinctly dark and the fog was so dense that it almost felt like the clouds have come down to earth.The wind was whistling through his ears which were left uncovered in that winter night.Dhruv was feeling uncomfortable walking through the Chat street which would usually be heavily crowded but was completely empty that day as the curfew was still on.
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Y i go nuts wen m online ???

25 12 2009

Now,thats something I am truly amazed about because I am a kind of reserved guy who takes time to really open up.But thats not the case when I am online…I would become as talkative as anyone else out there and feel much more free than in person.One of the reasons I’ve figured out recently is that being on the web, I am miles away from the guy I am talking to and that instills some automatic confidence into me. People who have met me in person, often say that that they really don’t believe  that its the same me when I am chatting with them on the internet.
I feel more confident because I have enough time to follow up a conversation and really come up with a good talk …there’s no fear of losing your mind or running out of words.Also, you weigh your thoughts before airing it.

But more often than not, I’ve seen people getting confused as virtual conversations, unlike face to face talks, are little more prone to misunderstandings.People can really take you in the wrong sense as words cant express emotions (though emotIcons are a great aid but they also have got their limits).Such situations can really get worse if one of the two people has got even the slightest of ego problems.I myself have gone through such situations and I can’t tell u how hard reconciliation is !

There are also chances that someone may be spying on you while being your best online buddy- it could be your freakishly brute boss, your untrustful wife or your butt-headed head-master.So you have to be careful with that too!

Honesty on the internet is another big problem.You can’t believe in complete strangers and soaring statistics of cyber crime makes it clear that if you are way too innocent then chances are that you could end up being fooled almost 7 out of 10 times.

Though I am happy that Internet has made it easy for people like me to open up more easily and socially more active, I would really like it if I could come up the same way in real life.Thats where it really matters and thats what you should really aim at.I am ashamed to admit that it took me the help of Orkut to really get close to people around me.But I am also happy that atleast I did so in that way!!
Please share your views and suggestions 🙂

UltraIso : All-in-1 Image file converter and much more

22 12 2009

I happened to come across this nice liitle piece of software when I was looking for a DVD burner ( a freeware to be specific ) that supports burning DVD images of  ‘.nrg’  format ( which is the properietry format of Nero ). But I came to know that only Nero could handle .nrg files [ and i wasn’t looking for Nero! ]  while all other burning softwares used ‘.ISO’ format which is the standard format for DVD or CD images. One of the search results came up with this software called ‘UltraISO’ which was capable of converting  any Disc image format to another one ( it supports  .BIN, .CUE, .NRG, .ISZ  ,.MDF, .MDS, .IMG and other formats too! ). It can also be used as a virtual drive (just like Daemon Tools or Alcohol ). It has got a nice and neat interface and is pretty easy to work with. Read the rest of this entry »

Dev D : simply awesome

23 11 2009

Dev D

Back again, blogging after almost after 2 months! You know these end semester exams – they suck the life out of you.
So, I am gonna write about none other than my favorite theme – ‘cinema n music’.
This time around, I must say that I am heavily impressed by the work of Amit Trivedi – the musician behind the Bollywood flick ‘Dev D’ –a modern retake on the classic Bengali novel- ‘Devdas’. This movie begs to differ from the dragging attire of the previous 7 movie versions ,been made and remade by different filmmakers, depicting their interpretations of the original classic by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.The last one had Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in the lead roles and was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Read the rest of this entry »

RC : Part 2 … Indian Comics

29 09 2009

I was pleased to see the interest the readers have shown on my previous post titled ‘Indian Comics : an intro’
As promised earlier,here I am with a lil info on other characters from the RC universe.


Vinay was traumatized when he saw his classmate being murdered by none other than the Head of Police.Accidently he found the murder weapon,a police revolver. The wicked Policeman came after his life to save his reputation in the society

'Parmanu' means 'super atom' in sanskrit

'Parmanu' means 'super atom' in sanskrit

His family was brutally murdered but Vinay was saved by his maternal uncle-Prof.K.K – who is a nuclear scientist,Vinay calls him Professor.
In Professor’s lab,they are attacked by a monster affected by nuclear mutations- Bufalo.After a lot of struggle, Vinay saves Professor’s life which encourages him to reveal a secret invention to Vinay.The professor  gives him a nucleo-stable suit and high-tech gadgets that made him PARAMNU – the masked protector of Delhi.
Vinay joins the Police force and covers up all the evidences leading to Parmanu and hence comes up as a super hero with ultra-atomic powers.
Professor K.K or Kamal Kumar Verma was killed in a tragedy,but he left a robot (instinctively named PROBOT) to assist Parmanu.
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Lucky Ali : the soul soother

26 09 2009

lucky-ali-2Lucky Ali,the charming voice of his made him my favrite in no time.I admire the freshness and originality of his tracks and I prefer listening to his music to destress.
There is something mysterious in his ballad style tracks that keep me spellbound and I realise lately that I am also humming side by side. The lyrics are simple yet so soothing and I could always find one to suit my mood.I can’t tell you how much I like the instrument called Guitar,and I think nobody can make music out of it the way Lucky do.
There is no rush in the flow and and the serenity in each line is as soft as silk.My favrites include
– Anjaani rahon mein
-O sanam
-Behti nadi
-Kabhi aisa lagta hai
-Nahi rakhta dil mein
-Dekha hai aise bhi
-Tere mere saath jo hota hai
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Acer 5738 : bundled softwares

24 09 2009

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