RC : Part 2 … Indian Comics

29 09 2009

I was pleased to see the interest the readers have shown on my previous post titled ‘Indian Comics : an intro’
As promised earlier,here I am with a lil info on other characters from the RC universe.


Vinay was traumatized when he saw his classmate being murdered by none other than the Head of Police.Accidently he found the murder weapon,a police revolver. The wicked Policeman came after his life to save his reputation in the society

'Parmanu' means 'super atom' in sanskrit

'Parmanu' means 'super atom' in sanskrit

His family was brutally murdered but Vinay was saved by his maternal uncle-Prof.K.K – who is a nuclear scientist,Vinay calls him Professor.
In Professor’s lab,they are attacked by a monster affected by nuclear mutations- Bufalo.After a lot of struggle, Vinay saves Professor’s life which encourages him to reveal a secret invention to Vinay.The professor  gives him a nucleo-stable suit and high-tech gadgets that made him PARAMNU – the masked protector of Delhi.
Vinay joins the Police force and covers up all the evidences leading to Parmanu and hence comes up as a super hero with ultra-atomic powers.
Professor K.K or Kamal Kumar Verma was killed in a tragedy,but he left a robot (instinctively named PROBOT) to assist Parmanu.
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Indian comics: an intro

9 08 2009
RC Universe

RC Universe

Raj comics(RC) is the pseudo name for Indian comics.The comic book section of Raja Pocket Books have a whole bunch of characters,superbly crafted out by the creative minds of Manish Gupta,Anupam Sinha,Jolly Sinha,Sunil Pandey,Vitthal Kambley & others who are the brains behind this extremely popular comic range.
Their Arsenal of Superheroes are meticulously crafted & a lot of thought is put into each story.The illustrations by Anupam Sinha (Nagraj & Dhruv series),Dheeraj Verma (Bheriya & Doga series) ,Suresh Deengwal (Parmanu & Doga series) ,match with the world’s best.
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