We are limited by our own imagination

12 02 2010

Today, after the lunch, as I was walking back to hostel from the mess hall, I overheard a group of boys talking. One of them was referring to the elephant that was tied on to a coconut tree. He said that the poor animal didn’t know what it was capable of. Or else it could have quite easily pulled off the chains and got its freedom.

I wondered: More often than not, this is the same case with many of us. We are limited only by our own imagination. Our abilities are endless, and so are the possibilities. I can relate to this quite well because I never thought that I could ever grasp the DSP ( Digital signal processing ), which is one of my subjects in my electronics engineering course. My seniors, my friends- everyone told me that its too tough too handle. These negative thoughts stopped me even from trying. It was only when I sat down with my DSP textbook and lamented upon it with all my concentration and the purpose clear in my mind that I began to understand the concepts. And yes! The effort was worth it as it has erased the fear that gripped me when I used to hear the 3 letters: DSP.

We are very quickly affected by the negative feelings surrounding us. But if we push hard enough, the adversities will surely surrender. And I now do believe that nothing is impossible.

I would like to quote some lines that would be really fitting in the context of my thoughts.

+ One of the rarest things that a man does is to do the best he can. – Josh Billings

+ Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more
time. – Thomas Edison

+ Never tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and they’ll surprise you with their ingenuity.
– George Patton

The last thought fits well in case of my project – ‘Multiple Distribution System Using Microcontroller’. Rajesh sir, our project guide, gave us this topic but he never told us how to achieve it. He let us do it all by ourselves. I and my teammates browsed the web for long hours to get some idea. But finally we came up with our own ingenious design. And guess what, the project paper is now going to be published in the conference proceedings of WASET International Conference of Computer and Electric Engineers in Malaysia later this month. Isn’t that amazing? We never know what lies within us.

Please don’t hesitate to share your views and any similar experience.

Vineeth   : )